COMPUTER VISION - CAP 6415 - Spring 2001

Here is the schedule for the presentations starting the week after
spring break. I have grouped them according to overlap in topics, as
best as I could. Changes in order are allowed for (i) documented
emergency circumstances, or (ii) documented significant conflict with
your schedule that would create extreme hardship, or (iii) you are able
to convince somebody to switch with you. For case (i) please let me
know ASAP (813-974-5456) if and when it happens. For cases (ii) and
(iii), you have to inform me by March 15th. - Dr. Sarkar

March 21 (Wednesday):
Anasua Chattapadghyay, Snakes and Lips,
Anjan Goswami, Towards ASL Recognition,

March 26 (Monday)
Muhammad Amir, Face Recognition,
Barnabas Victor, Ear based recognition,

March 28 (Wednesday)
Girish Keswani, Recognize People by Gait,
Vivek Agarwal, Age Estimation of Trees,

Apr 2 (Monday)
Yelena Mukomel, Color Correction,
Richard Collins, Skin Cancer Images,

Apr 4 (Wednesday)
Michael Grant, Range Image Segmentation,
Yong Chu, Lung Image Segmentation,

Apr 9 (Monday)
Paul Dembiski, Perceptual Organization in CV,
Nitesh Chawla, Machine Learning and CV,

Apr 11 (Wednesday)
Sergio Contreras, A Computational Framework for Segmentation and Grouping,
Tong Luo, Perceptual Grouping for Content Based Image Retrieval,

Apr 16 (Monday)
Ling Wu, Contour Segmentation and Grouping,
Yuhong Wang, Non parametric segmentation of curves,

Apr 18 (Wednesday)
Haiying Zhang, Segmentation of SeaWiFS Images,
Alok Nagdev, Road Network Detection,

Apr 23 (Monday)
Architha Gudimala, State of Edge Detection and Insights,
Olga Aizenchtadt, State of Edge Detection and Insights,

Apr 25 (Wednesday)
Steven Eschrich, Hiearchical Fuzzy Clustering as a Top-Down PO process,