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CAP 6415 COMPUTER VISION (Spring 1997)
Programming Assignment 3 (Due on April 22, 1997)

In this assignment you will experiment with perceptual organization. Specifically, you will write code to find parallelograms in edge images.

A database of aerial images (in PGM format) is provided from the class home page at sarkar/cap6415.html

Also provided is C code to compute straight edge segments from gray level images using the Canny edge detector. Down load the code, compile it, and get familiar with the input and output format.

As a part of this assignment you have to

  1. Write code to find parallelograms among the straight line edge segments computed from the gray level image. The parallelograms can be of different size. You should be able to tolerate some user specified distortion in the strict parallelogram definition. You should be able to also rank the parallelograms in terms of their significances. Significance of a parallelogram should be proportional to its size, amount of edge support for its boundary, and closeness to strict parallelogram definition.

    Extra Credit: There is 10 point extra credit if you can also find parallelograms with sides composed of multiple straight lines.

  2. Plot the top 10 parallelograms in each of the images provided. You can overlay them on the gray level image for better visualization.

  3. Write a report of at most 10 pages describing your experiments with the image set. Your report should be written professionally in a word processor. The discussion should be broken up into sections and all tables and figures should be discussed. In your writeup investigate the time and space complexity of the task.

You need to submit a written report and a hard copy of the code you have written. And you have to demonstrate your code to Matt Clark. The written report is due at 11 am on April 22, 1997. The demonstrations have to be done during Matt Clark's office hours (12:15 pm to 1 pm) on April 22 and April 23, 1997.

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Sudeep Sarkar
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