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Assignment 2 (Due on Feb 20, 1997)

  1. Consider the first derivative of a Gaussian, , as a step edge detector.

    Compute the three Canny metrics of , , and MRC for this filter. Hint: You might find the following expressions useful. Let , then

    You can also use symbolic mathematical packages such as Maple or Mathematica to compute the integral. If you have not used these before, this is good chance to learn these useful research tools.

  2. Consider the Laplacian of a Gaussian (LoG) edge operator proposed by Marr and Hildreth and an staircase edge with the following profile:

    Where would the LoG operator mark the edges? Numerically or analytically derive the position of the edge points for , and .

Sudeep Sarkar
Wed Feb 12 17:38:22 EST 1997