Hand Selector


Demo Videos

Usage: The hand selector is the tool that helps you to locate the true hand. Here the image sequences will be processed frame by frame, guided by the user. There are several functionalities to accelerate this step.

1. Click to select: One can double-click on the hand area to reduce the groups to be shown. The shown groups must include the pixel where the mouse is clicked. To do this, mouse over the Region of interest and double click. You 'll see this step will reduce the candidates in the list box.
2. Missing hand checkbox: One can choose the current hand as missing if the hand is out of the scene. To do this, simply check "missing left hand" or "missing right hand" checkbox;
3. 2 Hand listboxes: The two listboxes below show the list of the candidate dominant hand and candidate non-dominant hands. The list is ranked by their boundary smoothness and the tracking result. The highlighted item is the candidate hand that is being selected.
4. Face detector: Automatic face detector, shown as the blue bounding box. If you want to select your own face, use right button of your mouse on the 3rd view, you can draw one, the face bounding box will be saved as a txt file named trueface under the sequence directory;
5. Tracking hands, the program will choose the best current hand based on the previous one.
6. Manual Grouping, in the case of grouping failure, one can do the grouping manually instead of choosing one group from the candidate. To do this, check the "Edit mode left" or "Edit mode right" check box. then mouse over the patch that you want to group, double click to group it and double click again to ungroup it.